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Subframe: Watson
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Slow progress I'm afraid. Too many other commitments and holidays!

The front end is on now. Various patches have had to be welded up as it turns out that it was rotten in a few places. New A panels fitted. The doors in the photo are rotten but I have obtained a pair of better ones but will need the hinges changing to fit them. The corner of the wings at the bottom will need something fabricating to fill the gaps where it has been pulled out to cover the subframe.

The clutch has been a nightmare to sort out. Various options have been tried. Most people opt for the hydralic clutch and fabricate a bracket to hold the slave cylinder, but A, I didn't have one, B, it takes up more room in the engine bay, C, I had the cable from the Rover. This has been a very interesting trial and error session which I do think is now sorted.

I have also adapted the steering column from the Rover, to fit into the Mini. This involved cutting down the shaft in length and removing one of the two universal joints. Many advantages of using this Rover the Mini one. A, I can use the nice steering wheel from the Rover, B, the switches are better, C, all the wiring connectors will fit from the Rover wiring loom.

The altenator has had to have a new bracket made as it didn't fit under the front panel and had a new shorter belt fitted.

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