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More frustration!

Watsons told me to get engine mounts from a Metro/Rover 100. So after ringing about 8 scrapyards, I found one in Bradford. Went, took them off myself and came home only to find one fit, the other one didn't. So I rang him. He said "Oh you have got the 1.8. You'll need MG F mounts on the gearbox"! So I had to ring round again and found some at a different scrapyard, in Bradford. Came home and fit that.

The kit comes with a set of driveshafts from a Metro, but the CV joint is different. I changed the CV from my Rover's shaft to suit. Came to fit it and the driveshaft is too long. I need MG F driveshafts.

So it looks as though I'll have to go back to the scrapyard again.....
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