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The Mini is taking shape.

I have stripped out the front and rear subframes. The front one dispite the crash, was in decent condition. I got the 850 engine running and then sold the lot on ebay.

The speedo was the old type with the two gauges on the edges. I sold them too!

The Mini has got black vinyl seats. I have sold them to Lee along with the rear subframe which I thought was poor. He's doing the welding work for me.

Basically the car now is very cheap.

I now have to start putting new panels onto it. I have got new front floor pans, both outer sills, both door steps, A panels, boot repair panel, rear valence, battery box and boot hinge repair panel. These have cost 108. I still need to decide about steel or fiberglass front.

As anyone knows when starting these things, when you get back to a shell you find more work to do, Hence the long list of panels.

Lee has offered to do the welding for a price. He's highly qualified and very good. He's looking for work at the moment so if anyone want s anything doing let me know. :cheers: (EDIT SEE OTHER POSTS)

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