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I'm not exactly back on the project full swing yet but there are a few things possibly worthy of jotting down in the old diary.

Having now redecorated just about the whole house and remodeled the kitchen and front garden I am once again allowed to go and play in the garage (until the baby is born later this month that is.). So first on the agenda was space and organisation, this was achieved by a)Building a bike shed for the bikes. b)Building another shed to keep all the garden bit and bobs in, like the mower and wheel barrow. and c) boarding out the joists to make a sort of attic space in the garage so anything that wasn't going in the loft in the house can just be chucked up there out the way.

I then decided it would be worth while to rewire the garage and give it a proper supply rather than it just spurring off one of the house sockets. This was done giving me plenty of light and sockets to play with.

So I got in there today and was re-familiarising myself with the project and trying to sus out what to get on with next (Trying not to think about the up and coming wiring/ECU nightmare yet) and to my great disappointment and annoyance I discovered a flat tire The car has only moved 100m on those tires ! Having taken the wheel off I found a bent drawing pin on the floor under where it had been and guess this is probably to blame. I have pumped it back up in the hope that it will magically not go flat again this time but we will see

On the plus side I am newly enthused with the project and cant wait to get stuck back in
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