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Originally Posted by meeni62 View Post
It will have filters don't worry..

Cheers guys
this is gunna be a beast!! i have verry similar brakes to yours so i can run 10" wheels. im sure they will be ok while new but not sure when they wear out a bit. then also when i use my 13" wheels i think they take more stoping with that bigger rolling radious. anyway my coment about the open air holes is down to a fear of mine,, i dont care about a filter on the road funny enuff ive never had any major problems from that,,
it was down to a bad lesson when i was lerning, i was working on a alfa g.t.v 2.0 and had the airbox off i was happly reving it and 1 of the 3/8 th nut from the airbox got sucked in, cant say anymore about that but its given me a paranoid feeling when any engine orofice is open to nuts e,c,t.
and yours are looking just ready for something to fall in,,
im sure its o,k just me,, nice work there.
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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